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All plans include a diet and exercise plan for low monthly price of 42.99 or 3 months for 104.99. Sport specific plans start at 49.99 per month or 129.99 for 3 months. Sport specific plans involve sport specific exercises to go along with the workout and meal plan. The following plans are just outlines, each plan is customized to your age, weight and goals. Contact to book or for more information. Consultations are free!

Weight Loss

Young Woman in the Gym

Calorie burning plans to shed those extra pounds. Three Month

Sport Specific Training

Football Practice

Plans with sport specific exercises to pursue sport specific goals

Muscle Building

Muscular Man Lifting Kettle Ball

Plans to gain lean muscle mass

Cardiovascular Training

Man Running

Plans to help build cardiovascular fitness and endurance

Beach Body

Girl Running on Beach

Plans to tone that beach body perfectly

Disease Prevention

Althetic Woman Stretching On A Gym Mat

Plans revolving around exercises and foods that lower disease risk. Many exercises and foods have also been found to increase neurotransmitter production which can help to enhance mood